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what is the red hot vend business opportunity

Red Hot Vend is a niche vending business unique in the USA today which has previously been untapped. Our machines create impulse sales in high traffic bars and night clubs, working on your behalf night and day. Our vending machine business opportunity can give you either part time additional income, or it can become a full time business.

No experience in vending? NO PROBLEM!

No Problem! We give you full training when you start, plus ongoing support. It’s a simple business, anyone can do this! To get you on the right track – we help you install your first machines and teach you everything you need to know. Ongoing support is only a call away. Once you have the machines installed, all you have to do is make visits to collect your money, pay the bar for hosting the machine and refill it.

remote vending machine management

The vending machines are also fitted with a remote management system, where you can run a stock and operations check on your machines from the comfort of your home or office! This means you only have to visit when you need to or when it alerts you that it need refilling. It tells you how much stock you will need and how much money you have in your machines.

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Our vending machines hold about $500 worth of product at retail value. Your average wholesale cost of that inventory is $100. Therefore, every time your machine sells out, you have made over $400 in gross profit. Your vending machine also has a digital 15″ screen which displays advertising – creating more cash revenue with little effort.

Our vending machine business opportunity

Millions of people across the country have started their own business. Investing in a proven business gives you the support you might need, but the freedom to do as you please and work when you want! Vending machines are like your own sales team – but they work 24 hours a day, they don’t ask for a pay rise, go on holiday or talk back to you. They just collect your cash and sell your products!

how do i start a vending route

We provide everything you need. The vending machines, the vending products, training, installation assistance, the works. You will start to make money from the moment we help you place your first machine. We even come and help you install them during our 3 day training program. Maintaining 20 vending machines will usually take two days per month.

Do some math – imagine buying 20 Red Hot Vend machines, installing them with our help, and refilling them once a month. Your machines will contact you automatically when it needs some love! Now imagine you had 50 or 100 machines…

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