RedHotVend Company Overview

Red Hot Vend is a niche vending machine manufacturer and supplier. Our vending machine concept is new to this continent so this is probably the first time you’ve seen anything like this. Our concept is comprehensive and offers something for bar owners, entrepreneurs and product brands looking to maximize exposure in the market.

Our vending machines are about creating fun party environments in busy bars and nightclubs across America. Red Hot Vend machines encourage repeat customers in bars and make them stay longer – encouraging more drink sales. With very little effort on your part, you could be the proud host of a Red Hot Vend vending vachine in your bar or nightclub.

For business owners and enterprising entrepreneurs, we offer a unique business opportunity that is cash flow positive and simple to run, part time or full time. Once installed, Your machines work tirelessly for you, generating revenues while you sleep.

Our vending machines provide a superb media platform. With built in 15” LCD screens and advanced media players, we can display your product advertisement in an environment where your impression is really noticed.

Europe’s bars are already covered in vending machines like this – selling the famous inflatable sheep, glowing condoms, herbal supplements and lots more funny gag-gifts… Our products are not about sex, this is about fun. Perfect for college bars, dive bars, pre-club bars, bars that cater for bachelor and bachelorette parties, nightclubs… Anywhere where there is a party atmosphere.

Our Red Hot Vend vending machines are unique and create fun for everyone who walks into the bar! Red Hot Vend vending machines capture attention, generates great product sales, increases fun for customers, offers media exposure and is a superb business opportunity.

RedHotVend is a brand owned by:
Digital Media Vending International LLC
A Californian corporation with offices in San Francisco

San Francisco California Head Office